Biofreeze Cold Therapy for Instant Pain Relief — Review

Biofreeze Cold Therapy Can Instantly Soothe Your Aches ‘n’ Pains

Biofreeze is the world-famous way to chill out your pain fast. Roll on some instant pain relief, right where it hurts, without pills or shots.

It’s the standard for doctor offices, but now you can have it at home. So treat yourself!

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“How do I use Biofreeze for pain relief?”

It couldn’t be easier — just roll on the skin and go. Boom, done. Rub it in if you like, or go even deeper with the gel form.

It dries quickly, and you can apply as little or as much as you want with the handy roll on bottle. You don’t have to get it from a doctor, but it’s best after a massage or chiropractic adjustment.

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“How does Biofreeze work to stop pain?”

Yerba mate, a type of holly

Menthol crystals

The active ingredient is menthol, a topical analgesic. Then there’s a type of holly herb called yerba mate (ilex paraguariensis). The menthol penetrates your sizzling nerves with a cooling and tingling sensation, and gives them something else to think about for a while.

Seriously. The cooling sensation shouts louder than the pain does. It’s the same mechanism as ice, but much deeper and more comfortable. If your brain doesn’t perceive pain, then it doesn’t hurt.

There is no trace of aspirin, capsaicin, acetaminophen, gluten, starch, nuts, or animal products. And no animal testing.

Here is a list of scientific studies done upon Biofreeze, as required by the Food and Drug Administration for all legitimate wellness products. It’s manufactured under strict monitoring by the FDA.

“Do I need Biofreeze? And should I get pain relieving roll on or muscle rub gel?”

Are you breathing?

It’s for everybody — young and old, active and relaxed. Do you sleep? Sleeping is risky business! Even a radiant 22 year old will wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

Biofreeze is for…

  • parents, kids, grandparents
  • athletes, office workers, truck drivers, construction workers
  • and just about anyone who’s having too much fun!

It’s intended for sore muscles and joints, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive stress injuries (RSI), multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, on-the-job injuries, bad posture, long drives, or sudden games of one-on-one.

It isn’t intended for burns or deep injuries, so please use as directed and consult your doctor if needed.

Biofreeze has not been officially studied on pregnant or nursing women, but even a box of tea will tell you to consult a doctor! You might ask your doctor if it’s safer to swipe a cooling liquid on your skin than to swallow a pill.

“Does Biofreeze cold therapy really work?”

Yeah. It’s a standard issue product for chiropractors, sports medicine doctors, podiatrists, and massage therapists.

If you really can’t stand menthol or if you have super-sensitive skin, you can just wipe it off. The scent will be gone in minutes anyway.

Any returns will be cheerfully accepted for a 100% refund, guaranteed.